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My Name is Nicole, I am the owner of Lacasra.
I have always loved the aroma and scent of burning candles, the issue was I loved many scents!
It was after having my children and wanting to be at home with them; that I started to play and experiment with making  candles just for myself.  Then many friends and family were commenting on how lovely they were, not only the smells but the presentation as well. I starting making candles for friends and family and seen just how much others appreciated the true homemade candles that I decided to make this my full time job; and that is when Lacasra Candles was established. 'Lacasra' is a very unique & special name to me, as it contains part of all my childrens name - Angela, Lucas & Keira.

My range now includes: Candles, melts, reed diffusers, & perfume.

I use quality products, and hand make all my labels & tags.  My products are made with a lot of love & care.

Customer Reviews

I love the sweet fresh scent of the Fresh citrus candle, the smell lasts a long time.  The Rose reed diffusers are also a favourite of mine.

Presentation and quality is beautiful!

Mandy, landsdale wa

I am a regular customer of Lacarsa products since Nicole started her business. I have bought her beautifully made products for family and friends for all occasions from birthdays and Christmas gifts, I can also personally recommend the sinus/migraine relief melts range and the sleepy time melts, from someone who unfortunately suffers chronic neck pain and tension headaches, these products really do work, I put 1 melt in my electric melt burner a few hours before I go to bed, and the overwhelming sense of relaxation and stress relief through the soft subtle scent of these products are truly amazing. That's what I truly love about the Lacarsa range, the scent of all the melts, candles through to the new perfumes range, is that the scents are beautiful and subtle not too strong and overpowering and last a long time. I truly recommend these products.

Natasha, kelmscott WA



Nicole Metje

m: 0400 941 457

e: lacasracandles@gmail.com

ABN: 83 791 254 406