LACASRA'S All New Attraction Scents...Get the Girl or Get the Guy roll on perfumes are designed to attract a special someone into your life. All you need to do is put a little onto your neck and wrist areas (for best results) and let the attraction oil scent, do what it does best!


With the very feminine fragrances of Vanilla, Jasmine & rose combined together in the Get the Guy roll on, you will be irresistable to any special someone that you might be wanting to attract into your life!


Our Get the Girl scent is filled with a very handsomly blend of Oakmoss, Pine & Sandalwood, formulated for you to enjoy wearing around anyone that you desire to be in your closest of company...


These scents are a lot of fun! They will help to assist those, who wish, to get a little bit of attention where ever they may roam...Enjoy.

Attraction Scents